1803 Candle

1803 Candle

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1803 Candles are a hand-poured 14oz. soy candle that is cleand buring and filled in a glass Mason Jar with a burn time of 80 hours.  Listed below are a description of scents:


-Amber Woods (Amber, Sandalwood, Bergamot, Musk, and Patchouli)

-Basil & Berries (Melons, Berries, Basil, and Peaches)

-Cedarwood Orchard (Cedarwood Blended McIntosh Apple)

-Cider Mill (Spice-Baked Apples)

-Coconut Vanilla (Coconut and Vanilla)

-Cranberry Cupboard (Blend of Cranberry and Spice)

-Farmhouse (Blend of Vanillas)

-French Lavender & Sage (Sage, French Lavender, Fern Leaves, Oak Moss, Pine, Musk, and Amber)

-Fresh Cut Trees (Fir, Spruce, Pine, and Cedar)

-Friendship (Spices with a Warm Pie Crust)

-Good Ol’ Apple Pie (Cinnamon Apples and Buttery Pie Dough)

-Grandma’s Kitchen (Brown Sugar, Spice, and Buttery Oatmeal)

-Harvest at the Farm (Dough with Cloves and Spices, Molasses, Pumpkin, and Squash)

-Home for Christmas (Peppermint and White Chocolate Cheesecake)

-Home Sweet Home (Vanilla Bean, Spice, and Raisin)

-Indigo Blue (Bayleaf, Oakmoss, Vetiver, Musk, Patchouli and Essential oils of Eucalyptus, orange, and Lemon)

-Lavender Sugar (Vanilla Sugar with Lavender Buds)

-Lemon Drop Cookie (Lemon Sugar with Rich Buttery Dough)

-Mistletoe Kisses (Sparkling Pine, Sweet Berries, and Notes of Cedar Wood)

-Mom’s Kitchen (Caramel, Nuts, and Spice)

-Nutty Pumpkin Waffle (Pecans, Pumpkin, and Buttery Batter)

-Orange Caramel Scone (Pastry, Light Caramel, and Sugar Crystals)

-Perfect Morning (Coffee Infused with Caramel and Pumpkin)

-Pomegranate (Pomegranate, Pink Pepper, Mulberry, and White Woods)

-Ray of Sunshine (A Bright Blend of Lemon, Tangerine, Cherry & Lime)

-Sleighbells & Snowflakes (Vanilla Bean and Peppermint)

-Southern Welcome (Orange Marmalade Bundt Cake)

-Spirit of Christmas (Balsam, Winterberry, Cedar, Orange, and Pine)

-Summer Festival (Lemon Sugar and Cotton Candy)

-Sunflower (Sunflowers, Sweet Grass, Honey, Fig, Vetiver, and Oakmoss)

-Vintage Harvest (Ginger Cookies, Apple Cake, and Peach)

-White Pumpkin (Cupboard Spices with Maple, Pumpkin, Fresh Cream, and Coconut)