Peace, Planning & Prosecco Workshop-Thursday, Jan. 23rd

Peace, Planning & Prosecco Workshop-Thursday, Jan. 23rd

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Welcome 2020 and all the possibilities it brings! I am sure you have spent the last weeks cleaning out closets, taking down decorations & setting goals for the New Year. One of our favorite things at Honey & Hay is to plan for the upcoming year in a brand new planner! Things can get kind of crazy around here for all of us girls, but we truly believe in planning & goal setting to help us survive and thrive. This is why we want to share our tips and secrets with a workshop & planning session. We hope to challenge each of you to live a more balanced life that is filled with purpose! It’s easy to get lost in the grind of taking care of those we love, and hope this 2 hour class is a special time just for you. There is a sense of PEACE in planning and getting organized, and what better then to share it with other inspired women & a glass of Prosecco!

Cost - $50

Date - Thursday, January 23rd

Time - 6-8pm

Where -Honey & Hay Workshop

What’s Included:

-Prosecco & Snacks (of course)

-Handouts, resources & ideas for successful planning

-Free Goodie bags of stickers, tapes, pens etc.

-Pen's, Tape & Markers to Use

What to Bring:

-Your Personal Planner

-Any embellishments you wish to use