Our Story

After a whirlwind move to Texas, finding new homes, new jobs and two babies, three years later... we are back!

We are so delighted to welcome you to Honey & Hay!  Inspired by all things beautiful and our passion for home decor and unique gifts, Honey & Hay was created in 2018 to help you find the perfect piece for you and your home.  Thoughtful selection goes into every order we place to fill our store, seeking out found, unexpected, and meaningful pieces that help you tell the story of your family.  We believe that transforming your house into a home can be simplified by collecting and choosing pieces that you love, and we can guide you with our years of design and decorating experience!  Being a local family owned business, we hope to create an environment where people can come shop, share, and create!   

Our story really began in Las Vegas, when I, Andrea, opened my first home decor boutique in 2004.  Its an ongoing family joke that my husband encouraged me to open that small business to support my creativity and fund my shopping "addiction."  I immediately felt at home running that business, falling in love with making a blank slate fresh, having a creative outlet and discovering the newest products to share with our customers. 

My first store truly became a family business when my daughter, Katie, began running the boutique with me in 2013.   And while our love of home furnishings and interior design started the business, it became the connection with our customers that became the true passion.  The boutique became a place where people would come to not only shop for the perfect piece for their home, but share their life stories and find a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member.  When we had business move our families to Austin in 2015, it was with very grateful but heavy hearts that we sold our original boutique before moving. 

After our families moved to Texas, we took a few years to focus on adjusting to our new home and Katie, her husband, and their daughter added a baby boy to the family, our first Texan!  With our roots being planted, and being welcomed by the sweetest people Texas has to offer, we decided it was time to open our next venture, Honey & Hay.  We want to bring beauty and warmth to you and your home, the same way this community has made us feel every day since starting our new journey here in Texas.  

Thank you for being a part of our story and we hope to see you soon!

Andrea + Katie